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I build custom websites for small businesses and startups.

Listening is my number one priority: I’ll always choose the right tools to fit your workflow and business goals, not the other way around. I don’t use jargon — you shouldn’t have learn code to speak with a web developer.

As a co-owner of Full Circle Foods in downtown Kitchener, I know what it’s like to juggle the responsibilities of a small business. I understand your pain points, and I can speak your language.

Find leads

I’ll work with you to identify customer desires and focus your content to connect with them. By building buyer personas, we can tailor your website to reach the right people.

Earn revenue

Websites can be so much more than a marketing tool — these days, we live, shop, and play online. I’ll help you integrate e-commerce, reservation bookings, social recommendations, and more. Your website can become a great channel to generate income.

Create & manage content

A drag-and-drop page builder makes it simple to update your own website. I design amazing editing experiences, giving just enough flexiblity to get creative, while making sure your pages keep to a consistent branding and design.

Search Engine Optimization

If a website is your home on the Internet, then social media and search engines are like your front porch. I’ll help you control how link previews and search results appear, to create an inviting first impression before people even land on your page.


Your website should be accessible to anyone, on any device. A visitor may be using a voice assistant like Siri. Maybe they have low vision — or their phone screen is hard to see on a bright summer day. They might have a slow internet connection, or an old device.

By 2021, Ontario will require all websites to meet accessibility standards. So let’s get it right the first time.

I ground my approach in the principles of progressive enhancement and resilient web design, which make your site faster, more reliable, and accessible to more people. I won’t lock you in to a platform that will need to be overhauled a year from now.


Let’s make the most of the services you already use. These integrations will reduce duplication and add value to your website.

Platforms I work with


Maybe you’re familiar with WordPress, but don’t want a site that looks like all the other templates out there. I develop advanced plugins, custom themes, and page builder blocks to make your website stand out from the crowd.

The Cord needed to publish their newspaper stories online. I developed a custom plugin that cut down on manual work and streamlined their print and online publishing into one workflow with no duplicate tasks.

Kirby CMS

Kirby’s modular approach lets us build your ideal editing experience like LEGO blocks. Combining forms, galleries, articles, spreadsheets and more, Kirby is my go-to system for custom sites and complex web apps. It’s also less vulnerable to spam and security threats.

Queen Street Yoga needed to display course information from their booking platform, MindBody Online. I created a seamless integration that looks and feels like a natural part of the website, not a third-party widget.

More services

Digital business grants

Online shopping, digital media, and apps are changing the way business works. There are grants available to help businesses through the transition, and I can help you secure that funding.


I provide ongoing maintenance, including security, accessibility, and speed tests. After your site is launched, you can count on me for reliable tech support. I also provide domain name & hosting management.

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