13 November 2012 Music

A heavy summons

Sleep is such a fragile thing
Broken by a simple touch, an inadvertent creak or brush
The creeping light that morning brings
Balanced on the knife-edge between one world and the other
The other? — Or, perhaps but one
of many I’ve yet to discover
Like a switch flipped, then zipped around
To alternate realities
Each complete in its own right
In each a new normality —
In each a new morality!
From dawn to dusk, life has become such dull and dry formality
I live, and breathe, and eat
To feed the part of me that never sleeps

I wanted to go to bed early tonight, but Melissa wouldn’t let me. I managed to get a 20-minute nap in after dinner before she woke me up and forced me to stay awake until a reasonable hour like a grown-up should. I was in a funny sort of headspace, and wrote this poem in a fit of inspiration.

Sam Nabi

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