02 December 2010 Music

Bring out those silver bells, Richard

It’s December! Time to bring out those silver bells… I’m a huge fan of Christmas music. Give me some Burl Ives or Dean Martin to listen to on repeat all day and I’m good. My favourites are the songs that are recorded from the Christmas TV specials, where you’ll have Dean Martin soliloquizing before he starts to sing.

Folks, last night I took a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard, and you know, strange things are happening there. Store windows have been turned into glittering fairylands, street corners are sprouting lighted trees, and everyone seems to be wearing a very special kind of a glow. So I said to myself, “Dean-o, you know something? It’s beginning to look like Christmas!”

But besides the classics there are some seriously good contemporary Christmas songs out there. And I don’t mean modern remakes of Deck the Halls. Here are a few of my favourites, in no particular order:

Andrew Allen - I Wanna Be Your Christmas

Jessie Farrell - Christmas At My House

Hanson - Everybody Knows The Claus

Rosie Thomas - Why Can’t It Be Christmastime All Year?

Sam Nabi

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