29 July 2006 Life

Cliques & Faith

We all have our own little cliques, groups from which we hope to find acceptance and try to forget our problems. To escape our lives at home, we do drugs, or commit petty crimes, or join a gang, or lose all respect for those around us, or just stop caring about the world.

Assigning labels to people further segregates us as youth, splitting us apart until our lives revolve around nothing more than our cliques and those peers that we consider to be friends. At the heart of this problem is an unstable foundation; we are unsure where to put our trust and our faith. Ususally, we put in in the hands of our peers, or ourselves, or an idol, or rock bands, or skateboarding, or music, or a video game, or sports, or in nothing at all.

But the only safe bet in to rely on Jesus to help us through the rough patches of life. He is the only one with enough power, love, and understanding to stand beside us when we’re at our worst, and say: “Go. You are forgiven.” Jesus’ awesome power is what unites Christians and promises that with him, you may be down, but you will never be out.

Sam Nabi

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