08 May 2009 Music

Come up with my next album’s title. Get a Free CD. Easy.

Hi wonderful people,

My room is currently a jumble of microphones, mic stands, and every sort of cable that you could possibly imagine. (Side note: this just made me think of the song What You Need by Galactic. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.)

My guitar case is open on the floor, beside the keyboard and my amp. If I want to go to bed I’ll have to find somewhere else to put my guitar. I think there’s sufficient messiness to justify not cleaning up until I’ve recorded the rest of the second album.

Speaking of which, I only have 3 songs left to record! I just spent all afternoon/evening working on Daylight, and I now have 7 songs recorded. It’ll feel good when I’m done.

So I still don’t have an album title. This is where you come in. You obviously care enough to read this blog, which is good enough dedication for me :) Here’s the deal: if you haven’t already, read my previous blog post. Now, based on those hints, I want you to think really hard of an album title that fits. Something cool, catchy, and not too complicated. Post it as a comment here. There’s a free copy of the CD in it for you if I like your idea, so let’s get at it!

P.S. Feel free to post more than one!



Sam Nabi

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