20 December 2010 Life

Everyone loves GIF animations.

I had a nice stroll down by the lake today, and ended up taking a ridiculous number of pictures. So many pictures, in fact, that I managed to snap at least one decent photo of a wave crashing into the rocks, the spray just about to hit my camera. That’s the money shot right there.

Never content to be just ordinary, I have decided to showcase some of my photos in the most fun image format known to mankind! Get ready to party like it’s 1999 everybody, ‘cause here come the GIFs!

Yeah, I took some videos too, but this is much more entertaining.

This lovely swan was very keen to have her picture taken. She kept waddling up to the lens with her beak all up in my grill.

Man, staring at the water in that last picture reminds me of this scene in Minority Report. Great movie.

(By the way, if you want to see some actual serious photographs, I uploaded them to my Panoramio page. That’s where I keep all my travel photos.)

Sam Nabi


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