27 March 2011 Politics

Find out where federal parties stand on key issues

I should warn you that there will be a lot of election-related posts in the next few weeks. I’ll try to keep them short and to the point.

The CBC has put together a wonderful survey that lets you compare your opinions with that of all five major federal parties. Questions are broken down into subjects like Defence, Economy, Immigration, Environment, etc. so you can see where you agree and disagree on certain issues.

Tools like these are a huge help in trying to figure out how to vote. There are lots of political compass surveys online, but this one is great because it looks at all the major Canadian parties so you can make a practical conclusion. You might be surprised - in the picture above, you can see that I don’t disagree with everything the Conservatives say!

Take the survey here: http://federal.votecompass.ca/

Sam Nabi

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