30 July 2006 Music

Old music isn’t all bad

I’ve just realized that most of the songs in my iTunes library are over 2 years old. That’s kind of sad. But what’s even more shocking is that I haven’t grown tired of it yet. I don’t usually listen to music just for the sake of listening; most of the time it serves as a background for other things I may be doing. Take washing dishes for example, or homework. The repetition of songs keeps me in a kind of groove that helps me work better. I guess it gets kind of redundant, but I find that I still like most, if not all, of the songs. Sometimes I think i should get some new tunes, but I really don’t feel like it.

The other thing I notice is that when I listen to the same songs over and over again, I hear so much more of the song. My selective hearing gets so good, I can tune out every part of the song except for, say, the bass, or the background trumpet. When you tune in to different parts of the song, you can learn to appreciate it more as a whole.

So, before you ditch your old music collection for the latest CDs, try listening to them just one more time. You’ll hear a lot more than you expect.

Sam Nabi

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