01 January 2014 Life

Operation polyglot

Starting next week, I’m going to be teaching English to kids in Paris. So it only seems fitting that I should hone my language skills at the same time. I’ve made it my new years’ resolution to improve my skills in four languages. By the end of the year, I want to be able to:

Programming languages are still languages, right? Here’s my weekly schedule, in case any of these resources pique your interest:

Day Language Resources
Monday Basic Swedish SwedishPod101 Audio lessons
Tuesday Ruby Codecademy
Thursday Advanced French Duolingo
Friday Full-stack Javascript 7-Week javascript course on Reddit
Node.js for Beginners
Node and Angular series from Scotch

Ruby Tuesday, get it?

I’ll need to beef up my list of resources for Swedish, Ruby, and French, but this should be enough to get me started for the first month or so.

Happy new year!

Sam Nabi


Dad 1 January 2014, 14:52

You always were good with study schedules! The lyrics to ruby tuesday fit you.

Gerry Oxford 3 January 2014, 19:53

Sam! We’ll have 3 languages in common: French, Ruby and Ember. I’m working with a team right now using the latter 2. It’s a slog, but rather powerful when you get there. Maybe they can use your services after your study: we have team members in NY (me) and Paris as well as Toronto, and meet by google hangout.

Oh, I guess it’s 4: we do both speak English, in a manner. My swedish didn’t get very far this summer, I had to rely on its similarities to English and German. I love your schedule, you’re going to have a lot of fun! And in Paris, too. it doesn’t get any better.

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