30 December 2010 Music

Untss untss untss untss (repeat)

Being away from home, far from my guitar and microphones, has put a digital spin on my songwriting and composing lately. In keeping with my idea of making an EP for each city I live in, I’ve written a few songs inspired by my time in Lausanne. The problem is, I can’t record them until I’m back in Waterloo, unless you want an EP recorded with a warped guitar from the Salvation Army and a laptop microphone.

That said, I’ve been laying out the foundation for a couple songs in Logic. Things like time signature, some percussion, and background textures to make the recording easier once I get back home. Since I can’t record any guitar or vocals, though, I’ve been playing around a lot with the virtual instruments in Logic. Synths and drum kits and strings, oh my! I have a feeling that this EP is going to be a lot more electronic than my previous ones. The gated synth sound is so cool.

No autotune though, I can promise you that. I can’t stand autotune.

Sam Nabi

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