04 March 2010 Travel

Dubai and Pakistan Trip Journal

On 12 February 2010, I left Toronto with my father and flew across the ocean to spend a week in Dubai and Pakistan. We met countless new relatives, saw breathtaking sights of natural and architectural beauty, and got jostled around in the frenzied traffic of Karachi. We got to experience for ourselves a culture that is too often skewed by the headlines in the newspapers. These are my thoughts and observations.

  1. Pre-Trip
  2. 12 Feb
  3. 14 Feb
  4. 15 Feb
  5. 16 Feb
  6. 17 Feb
  7. 18 Feb
  8. 19 Feb
  9. 21 Feb
  10. 22 Feb
  11. SOS Children’s Villages
Sam Nabi

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